Log in area to post, arrow to the area to log in member profile

Step one

You can post an event if you are a registered member of Volunteer Prince George. If you have a profile here, you’ve likely gone through this at least once before, or your organization has a document someplace, with your login information. If this is your first time, you may be required to add a WordPress account to your email address. WordPress needs your information as we built our website on it. This is no big deal; it gives you the option to start a free blog on, but it’s not a deal breaker if you don’t take advantage of that. Start with logging in to WordPress. The ‘Lost Password’ option will send you a ‘renew password’ link if you forget or want to change your password.

Log in area to post, arrow to the area to log in member profile
Log in area on website for members to post community events

Step Two

Create a listing. When you are logged into WordPress and click this link, you land on a page that has a link to view events already posted or another below where you can post your own. Begin by selecting a category for your event. A drop menu has mega categories to choose from. Chose the type of event you will host, attracting others to attend. Click ‘Next’. Enter your organization’s name, and the listing type.

Member's area, arrow to 'create a listing'
Membership area Create a listing

Below, on the same page, you begin building your event post. You will find several fields to fill, the first a a SHORT description of the volunteer position (3-5 lines); this will show in the list view. The second input is a Provide a detailed description of the volunteer position; this will show in the detail post view. Continue filling in the information as you scroll down the page. Towards the bottom of the page, you will indicate if any ‘qualifications’ are needed, such as a Criminal Records Check completed or nothing special required. ‘Tags’ for the post will help people find your event among others make them unique to your organization. Is it a single event date or spanning multiple days? Enter the dates if multiple days, times. Is there an Leave un-checked and nothing will be displayed.  Read the terms and conditions and scroll down to ‘Submit’. That’s it. Perhaps another step. We’ll discover that with you. if there is a bill it will be found beofre it’s posted. If no bill, submit will post and then just look for your post and share away to multiple feeds of yours. Posting here will share to our feeds.

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