Kettle Campaign Needs Volunteers

PRINCE GEORGE- The Salvation Army Kettle campaign got underway last month. The red kettles can be found at stores across the city but coordinators are having a difficult time finding people to man those kettles. The Salvation Army says it has more than 600 people registered as volunteers, however, only about 65 per cent of those volunteers have responded to phone calls. There are about 1500 volunteer hours left before the campaign wraps up and there are just under 300 hours that haven’t been claimed yet. “We usually do two-hour shifts and I always suggest to our volunteers that they go with a friend because it always makes the time go by faster,” said Salvation Army business manager, Bill Glasgow. Despite a lower than normal volunteer turns out, the Salvation Army says it could have a record-breaking year if people lend a hand soon. “Fundraising is just a little over 91 thousand dollars of our 250 thousand dollar goal, we’re on pace to do well, but with more people coming out to man the kettles we might be able to break a record this year.”

To volunteer, visit the Salvation Army website or call 250-596-HOPE.

by Kendall Robertson

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