Bear Aware Brochure Delivery and Garbage Tagging

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At the Northern Bear Awareness Society, our entirely volunteer-based team is always looking for more people to help advocate for bears in PG while keeping our neighbourhoods safe through education and outreach!

Door-To-Door Brochure Delivery: Based on weekly reports of phone calls to the Conservation Officer Service, we will determine the neighbourhoods in most immediate need of education… or maybe you have found us because you want to do something about the situation on your own street!  Either way, we will provide you with a stack of our informative brochures and some training on how to effectively talk to people in their own homes with.  You can choose to simply leave brochures in mailboxes, or to knock on doors and offer to help eliminate bear attractants from yards.

Garbage Tagging: Help raise awareness by putting “Bear Attractant” signs on garbage cans left at the curb the night before garbage collection.  You have the option to return the next day to homes that were tagged, in order to offer further information, or you can simply leave an informative brochure with the tag.  This process will be repeated a week later, at least once, so we can track improvements.  Since this job is typically performed in the late evening, it is recommended that volunteers perform this job in partners for safety.

Please send us an email at if you are interested!


The NBAS was started in the year 2000, by a working group called the Omineca Bear-Human Conflict Committee (OBHCC), which consisted of representatives from municipal and regional government, the Provincial Conservation Officer Service, and the Spruce City Wildlife Association.  This action was taken in response to high numbers of black bears becoming food conditioned and habituated to humans within the city of Prince George.

An average of 30 bears are destroyed within our city limits each year, solely because they have become conditioned to seeking unnatural food sources on private properties.  The top three unnatural bear attractants are unsecured garbage, fruit trees, and bird seed.  Other common attractants include: pet food, poorly managed compost, and dirty barbeques.  If these attractants are properly managed, bears will simply pass through the area while foraging on natural bear foods, rather than returning to seek out these high-calorie unnatural food sources.

The Northern Bear Awareness Society provides Prince George residents with free education about how to eliminate unnatural bear attractants.  Our primary means of education are: classroom presentations, a public information display booth, and door-to-door canvassing and brochure distribution.

In the past, we have hired summer students to take on these and other tasks, but in recent years we have relied solely on volunteer efforts.  The following is a list of some of our most common volunteer jobs.

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