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As a member of our Emergency Management team, you will:

  • Work collaboratively as part of an experienced team of trained EM volunteers and respond to emergencies in your community, or province or across Canada according to your schedule and availability
  • Learn about Red Cross assistance including emergency shelter, clothing, food, personal services, registration, family reunification and safety and wellbeing requirements
  • Assess needs with those affected by an emergency event and provide approved goods and servicesn– Support the wellbeing of beneficiaries by providing care, comfort and referrals to partner agencies and other community-based groups for services
  • Prepare, inventory and manage response supplies to ensure they are stocked and ready
  • Contribute to the overall health, safety and security of the team you work with
  • Participate in Red Cross team building, training, planning and readiness exercises
  • Contribute to community-based risk reduction and emergency preparedness activities
  • Apply for leadership roles to supervise, mentor and lead other EM volunteers and manage the delivery of required services

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