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Jonathan Valoroso


Volunteer and Training opportunities available at Rogers TV in Prince George! Come and learn the ins and outs of creating content for broadcast television!

We provide everything you need to learn on how to launch and edit content that will air on community access television. Whether you want to learn a new skill and create your own shows, or gain real world experience initiating footage at events all over Prince George, we have everything you will need, free of charge.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Assist in studio productions
  • Create footage for Station IDs that appear on the channel
  • Record at events in the city
  • And more!

Training Available:

  • Learn how to use high quality equipment:
    • Cameras, Lights, audio equipment
    • Learn how to edit with premiere pro on one of our editing suites

Access to our equipment

  • Access to our studio space for creating your own content to broadcast on Local TV
  • Access to our cameras and lighting equipment

Feel free to contact the Rogers TV producer Jonathan via email at:

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