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We are actively recruiting for volunteers to become peer leaders.

The University of Victoria – Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health is a multidisciplinary research centre to advance knowledge in the field of aging based on the twin standards of scientific rigor and applied relevance. The overall goals are to contribute to improving the health and quality of life with an increasingly diverse population of older adults and to assist their families, health care providers, and governments in meeting the challenges and potentials of an aging society.

In 2002 the Ladner satellite office (Self-Management BC) was established in Delta, BC. A major focus of activity of the Ladner Office is recruiting and training volunteers virtually over the Zoom platform to deliver self-management programs to use self-management support strategies when interacting with patients.

Self-Management BC, supported by the Province of British Columbia, offers FREE health programs for adults of all ages with one or more ongoing health conditions. Programs are offered in person, virtually, online, or by mail for adults living in BC.  

What are chronic conditions? Chronic conditions are broadly defined as long-term conditions and require ongoing medical care and lifestyle changes to manage and control.

What is self-management?
 Self-management means having the skills and confidence to live well with one or more chronic conditions.

Our schedule of programs includes:

  • Chronic Pain, which is pain that is ongoing and usually last longer than 3 months.
  • Chronic Conditions are broadly defined as conditions that are long-term and require ongoing medical care and lifestyle changes to manage and control. Examples of chronic conditions include arthritis, heart disease, lung disease, and depression.
  • Diabetes, designed specifically for persons experiencing Type 2 Diabetes. People with Type 1 diabetes have also found benefit.
  • Cancer designed for people and their family members who are living with and/or have been affected by cancer.

The following program formats are designed for people living with any of the foregoing Conditions.


This program known as the Tool Kit for Active Living, provides you with resource materials, including a book, self-assessment, and guide booklet in a one-time mailing for self-guided learning.

Virtual Group  

Our virtual interactive program using webcams on the Zoom platform is offered over six sessions, 2.5 hours per week for 6 weeks as a 5-8 persons group workshop.

Telephone Peer Health Coach 

A telephone-based one-to-one peer coaching program in which you receive a telephone call from a Health Coach for 30 minutes once a week, for a period of three months.


Better Choices, Better Health“ is a web-based, 6-week program where you can log in on your own time, as well as being part of a group. This provides opportunities for self-paced learning, and group members help each other stay on track.

What volunteer roles are there? 

All Self-Management BC programs are delivered by peer volunteers. Currently, we have two opportunities open: 

· Coach for the Health Coach Program – providing support by telephone, approximately 30 minutes once per week for a period of 13 weeks (3 months).   

· Leader for the Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program – delivering health education virtually from your home, office etc., using an evidence-based scripted program, 2.5 hours once per week for 6 weeks. 

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