More Volunteers Needed

More Volunteers Needed To Assist With Evacuees

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News

While many evacuees have gone home, Volunteer Prince George is still looking for volunteers to help with those who remain in the city.

The organization is finding it hard to recruit volunteers now that the evacuation order has been lifted for Williams Lake.

According to the City of Prince George, there are about 60 evacuees staying at the Northern Sport Centre. However, many more remain at campsites and with billet families. The smoke is still a health concern for many.

Volunteer PG says about 300 renewals are being filled out each day. The organization is looking for volunteers who have worked with registration and renewals for one of the positions. Two other positions require no training.

About 12 volunteers are needed each day, Saturday through Tuesday to fill positions. “We are trying to call people, but we do have over 2,200 people in our data base, so we don’t always get to them,” says Wendy Pollard, the General Manager of Volunteer PG. “We are trying to target those who have had the training.”

Pollard says it is important to keep the level of service for volunteers. “They rely on that service to get their food, their clothing. All the amenities they need. Right now, I have been told they are doing short-term renewals. So they are having to come in every two days or every four days to do the renewals. So it is really important that we have the volunteers there to help them out.”

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