Nancy O’s Fundraiser for Rainbows

Kids deserve to be kids. When the unthinkable happens and they have to grow up fast to cope with the loss of a parent or sibling, they deserve all the help in the world.

This is where rainbows steps in!

A volunteer driven support group that meets 2 hours per week over a 12 week period to give kids the tools and resources needed to get through grief & despair. At absolutely 0 cost to the participants!

The cost to run the program breaks down to only $250 per child.

$250 to give hope & let them know they are not alone.

Rainbows needs our financial support.

So come into Nancy O’s for lunch, dinner, or weekend brunch this weekend. Enjoy some fine food, in a great atmosphere, with our wonderful staff, and together, we’ll make a small difference.

$2 from every meal this weekend will be donated to help rainbows run their next program starting Jan 25th.

Rainbows is also looking for facilitators. If your caring, compassionate, empathetic and can give 3 hours per week, They’d love to hear from you


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