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Thank you for your willingness to volunteer during these complex and challenging times!
The advent of the Corona virus pandemic necessitates changes in life’s routine and consequently, new guidelines. To preserve life – we have no choice but to change our routine. The following are some mandatory guidelines to be adhered to before, during and after your volunteer work:
The Volunteer checklist – Do’s and Don’ts
1. Make sure you are fit to volunteer:
• Feeling unwell? Please refrain from volunteering and stay home until fully recovered.
• Have you recently returned from abroad? Adhere to the specific instructions on this matter and avoid volunteer work.
• Are you a senior citizen and/or suffer from background illnesses? Avoid volunteer work involving personal interaction. Join on-line volunteering programs from home if possible.
2. In preparation for volunteering:
• Avoid traveling by public transport to your volunteer post. Do not to ride in a car with more than two people.
• Come equipped with a personal bottle of ALCO-GEL.
• Arrive with a personal supply of food and drink. You then will not have to share dishes / food with others.
• Make sure that you have fully completed the training for your current position and that you possess all the knowledge required for its implementation.
3. During volunteering:
• Wash your hands or disinfect with ALCO-GEL when entering and leaving an activity. Whenever possible, the use of gloves and a mask is recommended.
• Be sure to keep a distance of at least 2 meters (6.6 feet) between yourself and others.
• If you sneeze or cough, do so only into your elbow.
• Make sure that no more than 10 people are present in a room at all times. Avoid shaking hands or any other physical contact.
• Try to avoid using public bathrooms during volunteering.
• If you come across a beneficiary who is not feeling well, please inform the activity coordinator.
• Avoid direct physical contact with the beneficiary(s) as much as possible. You should leave packages / food or any other provisions at doorsteps.
4. After volunteering:
• Inform the volunteer coordinator on termination of your session: let them know how everything went, any thoughts and ideas you have and if anything out of the ordinary or worth noting transpired.
• Make sure you have those with whom to share your feelings and do so. If you feel distressed or in need of talking through your feelings please contact your volunteer coordinator.
• If you are not feeling well within a few days after volunteering please update your volunteer coordinator immediately.
• Take care to rest and refresh, along with maintaining your routine. Take on only the number of tasks that you believe you can handle.
• Please follow and act in accordance with these guidelines. Stay informed in case they are updated.






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